Route and Unit Review - Postal Record - December, 2006

Route Inspection Grievance File - Necessary Contents (For Management’s File)

Street Management Reference Guide

Examiner’s Comments Codes

Examiner’s Quantifiable Comments

Dealing With Adjustments ~or~ Why Your Route Is Way Too Long!

Percent-to-Standard - How It Is Concocted

Cutting Straps is an Office Function - M-01288

Best Efforts Route Adjustment

Route Reversions by Dale Hart, National Director of City Delivery

Curbside Delivery - Put Gear Selector in Park - M-00341

Curbside Delivery - Put Gear Selector in Park - M-00372

Curbside Delivery - Put Gear Selector in Park - M-00994

Interim Alternate Route Adjustment Agreement - M-1695 - October 22, 2008

Using More than One Rubberband When Banding Out

Reviewing Interim Adjustment Data - By Chuck Clark - Branch 3825

The Route to Fair Route Adjustments - Dale Hart - Postal Record - August/ September, 2008 (This is the correct way to revert a route.)

Standards - Exceptions for Carriers Over 55 Years of Age With 25 Years of Continuous Service


Curbside Del - Put Gear in Park - M-0972.pdf
Standards - over 55 yrs old.pdf
Curbside Delivery - Put Gear in Park-2- M00994.pdf

Street Management - Review & Documentation - Achieving Results by Performing More Effective Street Management - Powerpoint Presentation

Street Management - Overview - Powerpoint Presentation

Street Management Observation Worksheet

Street Management Schedule - Excel

Targeted Street Supervision - Southwest Area Model - Powerpoint Presentation

Time Disallowances During Route Count & Inspection - Postal Record - November, 2006

Time Disallowances During Route Count and Inspection - Postal Record - Sept-Oct, 2006.docx
Route Count - Miscellaneous

Consultation During Route Inspections - Contract Talk - October, 2008

Consultation During Route Insp contlk10_08.pdf

There Is No Set Pace At Which a Carrier Must Walk and There is No Street Standard For Walking - M-0003

Walking Pace m00003.pdf

Management Counted the Mail AFTER It Had Been Cased - Count Cannot Be Used for Discipline or Efficiency - M-0005


Counted Mail After it was Cased m00005.pdf

Street Supervision Will Be Conducted in a Proper and Business-Like Manner With No Intent to Harass the Carrier - M-0004

Street Supervision - No Harassment m00004.pdf

All Counts Will be Done in Accordance With the M-39, Even Performance Counts - M-00017

Counts Will be Done in Accordance With M-39 m00017.pdf

Management Will Not Use a “Checklist of Unsatisfactory Casing Procedures” M-00038


Checklist of Unsatisfactory Casing Perf m00038.pdf

Carriers DO NOT and SHOULD NOT Carry Mail on Their Arm While Delivering Mail M-00039

Carrying Mail on Arm m00039.pdf

Normally the Changing of Routes on a T-6 Swing Does Not Constitute Posting the Route for Bid - M-00061

Changing Routes on T-6 Swing m00061.pdf

Carriers Will Be Allowed Time to Wash Their Hands After Putting Gas in Their Vehicles - M-00063

Wash up After Gassing Vehicle m00063.pdf

Route Adjustment Using a Router

Route Adjust using a Router.pdf

Carrier Was Given a Later Start Time and Management Has Someone Else Casing and Pulling Down The Regular Carrier’s Route - Is This Proper?

Start Time Change with No AM Duties.pdf

Vacant Route SOP - Procedures for Determination of Posting or Reversion of City Carrier Duty Assignments


Green Routes Implementation Process

Green Routes Implementation Process.pdf

Guideline Principles to Address City/Rural Issues - National Joint City/Rural Task Force - May 4, 2004


Renewed City v. Rural Delivery MOU - March 23, 2007


MOU Line 21 Credit - August 26, 1980